Who We Are

We each grew up raiding our moms closets, playing dress up with their stunning ethnic-wear and styling them in unique ways to make them our own. We also grew up with a closet in our houses filled to the brim with Indian clothes we didn’t wear anymore, but never thought much of it.

Fast forward to today. We met, became best friends, and still love playing dress up for all the weddings we get to attend. But new South Asian clothing is getting incredibly expensive and our families and friends all still have those closets full of beautiful, barely worn outfits collecting dust.

Buying second-hand in the South Asian community isn’t common, but we are here to change that. Why should you spend hundreds of dollars to buy or rent one outfit that you can only wear a couple of times? Why is it so hard to access affordable, high-quality South Asian clothes? Why is it such a hassle to sell ethnic clothing in general? We’re here to answer these questions and know it’s time to reinvent South Asian fashion.

Sakhya is a community where all of us can recreate our South Asian wardrobes with ease. Whether you are looking for a new outfit for your next event, or looking to sell what you’ve already worn, Sakhya is a trusted community to do all the above. So come join us!

Priyasha Shah (right) & Nandini Mohta (left)