Meet the South Asian Fashion Seller: Prithvi Guruprasad

Meet the Seller: Prithvi Guruprasad

Prithvi is one of our many sellers who is excited to pass along some of her closet faves through Sakhya’s resale platform. When she’s not dressing up for numerous festive wedding events, she works as a Product Manager in New York, loves being outdoors, doing yoga, and snowboarding. Prithvi Guruprasad Photos

How do you think about fashion in your day-to-day life?

One thing I always try to consider is how I can make an outfit unique or different. The foundation of a look can be simple but then adding one element or accessory that makes me different from everyone else…I really love that.


What about with South Asian fashion?

With South Asian fashion, there’s more pieces, so there’s much more to play with and way more of a spectrum to be creative in. I specifically love playing around with fun prints to stand out, but if it's a neutral outfit, I’m always incorporating something that pops like a contrasting dupatta or a hip chain.


Who have been major fashion influences in your life?

I love fashion influencers who are always a little bit ahead of the curve - Nikki Mehra wore this saree with a scarf and it was something I had never seen before - it was just so out there and new. My mom has always been an inspiration too. She’s the one who instilled finding ways to be different and getting value out of wearing things for a long time. Once my sister and I got older, the three of us eventually started sharing clothes which opened up a lot more room to get creative.


How do you currently shop for South Asian clothing?

I get so many ads for these online Indian fashion stores and I find it so insanely expensive knowing that I'll wear it for only one or two events. So I find my inspiration there, but I love looking outside the box, like in my mom’s closet or on Amazon, to find versatile stand-alone pieces like a ruffle scarf or that hip chain to add to my existing Indian outfits.


Why is expressing your individuality and uniqueness so important to you when it comes to fashion?

It’s important for me be proud of how I look and feel when I walk out the door everyday. Expressing my individuality through fashion is what makes me feel like I’m showing up as my most authentic self in the world.


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