Curated South Asian Fashion that's Accessible to all

Say goodbye to spending $$$ on a lehenga you’ll only wear once and that takes 4-6 weeks to ship.

Sakhya allows you to shop samples from your favorite designers and pre-owned clothing from fashion-lovers just like you all across the country so you can wear South Asian fashion more mindfully.

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Keep clothes from piling up in your closets...and in landfills

Each year, millions of tons of clothing end up in landfills across the world - not only due to overproduction, but also due to our over-consumption of more clothing than we know what to do with.

Modern South Asian fashion often has a similar fate - ornate and expensive garments that are hard to rewear or repeat end up sitting in our closets for months or years until we forget about them completely.

Sakhya allows you to sell your modern South Asian fashion, hassle-free!

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Behind the Brand

Sakhya was founded in 2021 as an Instagram-based marketplace and has evolved into the online platform and community it is today, with an ongoing mission to make South Asian fashion more sustainable and accessible for all.

Sakhya is a Sanksrit word meaning community and friendship.

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Meet the Founder

Previously working as an engineer in large-scale manufacturing and production, founder Priyasha Shah quickly discovered her true passion for reducing waste, especially within the fashion industry.

She grew up loving the process of dressing up for weddings with her mom - creating, styling, mixing and matching to develop unique looks they both would take turns wearing. She was inspired by both the textiles and silhouettes of South Asian fashion and the rise of the resale culture in Western fashion. She knew now was time to merge the two, via Sakhya.