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Photo Tips to Sell your South Asian Clothing

Ready to sell your pre-loved outfits online?

Product photos are the first thing buyers typically look at when when shopping for a new outfit online. So spending a little extra time to take high-quality photos of your garments will drastically increase your chances of getting offers and sales on your listings! 

Here is a quick guide on how to take some simple yet professional-looking photos of your secondhand South Asian clothing.

Must Haves

Make sure the following 5 things are considered when taking photos of your pre-loved pieces:

  1. Clear, high-quality photos: Use your phone camera to take crisp and clear high quality images of each of your outfits
  2. Bright, natural daylight: Take your photos during the daytime, ideally in natural day lighting. Yellow or white artificial light can distort the natural colors of your clothing in photos. Avoid filtering photos to adjust lighting.
  3. Flat, neutral background: Dont distract from your outfit by placing it on a busy, patterned, colorful background. The best backdrop is a very light-colored neutral surface
  4. Presentable garment layout:
    1. Take full outfit photos by either lying the items flat on the ground, hanging on a wall, or model them yourself (Tip: buyers love to see the outfit worn on a real person for the most accurate reference!)
    2. Avoid stacking items or leaving them folded. photograph each piece separately and unfold items like pants, sarees and dupattas for a clear view of the garments
    3. Iron your items if they're wrinkled
    4. Show both sides of each item in the set - tops, skirts, pants, etc.
    5. Take close-ups to show the condition (wear, tear, damage) and any embellishments or fun details

**Please note, if proper photos are not attached to your listing according to our suggestions above, our team may have to request them before we can approve your listing. This may delay your outfits going live on our site.

Want to further increase your chances of a sale? Photograph the following features of your clothing as well:

  1. Tags (for designer or brand name items)
  2. Margin on the inside so buyers can see how much room there is to alter
  3. Hardware: zippers, buttons, clasps and closures
  4. Attach professional product images if bought online


Ready to sell that outfit you no longer wear? Grab your phone, a measuring tape, and a pre-loved outfit that you're ready to get rid of. It takes only 5 minutes to list your first item with us! 

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