South Asian Clothing Measuring Guide

South Asian Clothing Measuring Guide

Why Take Measurements?

  • South Asian clothing tends to be very form-fitting. Standard sizing (S, M, L, etc.) simply isn’t enough
  • It increases your chances of selling when someone feels confident something will fit them
  • It saves time. Many buyers will ask for sizing later if you don’t list it up front


What you’ll need

  • Grab a tape measure that measures in inches
  • Open our submission form so you can record the measurements as you go


How to measure

  • Lay garment flat on the ground or a table. Don’t stretch the fabric but lay it as flat as possible with no folds or wrinkles
  • Record the 5 key measurements below. We found these are the most essential measurements when buying South Asian clothing online


Measuring Tops - Blouses, Kurtas, Dresses, Jackets, etc.

A) Shoulder to shoulder: measure from one shoulder seam to the other. If it’s a sleeveless blouse, measure from the edge of one strap to the other

B) Bust: measure from the end of one armpit seam, across the chest, to the other armpit seam. Double the number you measure to get the full bust measure

 C) Length: measure from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of your garment


Measuring Bottoms - Pants, skirts, etc.

D) Waist: measure from one end of the waistband to the other and double it.

 E) Length: measure from the top of the waistband straight down to the bottom end of the garment

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