Who is Sakhya Concierge For?

  • Weddings, vacations, you name it, you shop for a LOT of events
  • You have modern, trending, branded and designer styles you're done wearing and ready to part with
  • Life is crazy, you just don't have the time to sell on your own
  • You'd like to get the pros to do it all for you
Get Started
  • Chat With Us

    Let's talk specifics about each of the outfits you'd like to sell, including pricing, quality, condition, and more!

  • Empty Your Closet

    We'll send you a prepaid label to ship us all your pieces at once. Say goodbye to closet clutter!

  • We'll Do The Selling

    Let the pros do the rest. We'll professionally photograph, list, and sell your pieces for you. You don't have to do a thing!

  • Makes Sales and Get Paid

    Get your payout shortly after an item sells! That's money in your hands and your once-loved outfits in someone else's!

    FAQ and Fees 
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